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downhomecooking's Journal

Southern Fried Kitchen
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Recipes for down home cookin'.
Current moderator(s): lovebyelise

First, a couple rules:

1. No trolls or flaming. Users will be warned unless they do something severe, in which case they will be immediately banned.
2. Do not feed the trolls, report them to a moderator and we will handle them.
3. Advertising other communities is okay as long as they are cooking related.
4. Photos are permitted and encouraged, but if they are large, you must put them under a cut. Let's try and keep them below 400 pixels wide, please. If you don't know if it should be under a cut or not... put it under a cut anyway. Better safe than sorry :)
5. This is NOT a feederist community, and talks of such will not be tolerated. If you want to talk about that, go to a feederist community.

This is a community for posting recipes of any sort, though the community was intended to have a focus on southern foods (also known as soul food, like fried chicken and black eyed peas, etc.) All types of food recipes are welcome!

Also, if you want to request recipes that is okay, too. Cooking experiences and advice are also greatly appreciated. Cook book, kitchen utensil, and kitchen appliance recommendations are also welcome and appreciated.

Let the e-cookbook begin!

"Watched water never boils."